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Miriam Goethe

soft-voiced singer
very early discovered her unusual interest in music.

Even at thirteen she began a series of studio-recordings of songs composed just for her – the beginning of a career took its course.

Miriam in the supporting programme of Whitney Houston

A star in top form. The cool breeze in the parade yard of the Mannheim Schloß could not reduce the power of Whitney Houston’s voice. 14 000 frantic fans offered standing ovations to the Queen of Soul.

By the way, even at this weekend of the Whitney Houston concert you could not get away without a reference to the 250th birthday of Germany’s greatest poet and thinker.
Miriam, a young singer, coming talent from Groß-Umstadt in the Odenwald, left a lasting impression. Only accompanied by her acoustic guitar she could risk performing before the star. Her family name – Goethe

Miriam Fascinates Car Aficionados

Miriam in a duet with Del Faro in Hall No. 6 at the IAA.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes:

The one-quarter-hour show is well-planned. First a presenter enters the stage, surrounded by rotating off-road cars he tells one joke after the other but hardly anyone from the dense crowd of visitors passing by the stands pays attention to him. Then Miriam begins to sing “What’s up”, a song by the “Four Non-Blondes”. Her clear voice fills the hall. Suddenly many of the mostly male visitors seem to forget their dearest pet, the car. More and more people move out of the stream around the stands, no longer fascinated by the off-road cars but by the blonde young woman singing on the stage between the cars. There is no hint of nervousness, not even a child dancing around in front of her all the time throws her off her concentration.

No wonder. She has already sung in front of an audience of 14000 in Whitney Houston’s programme. That was the climax to date of the pupil’s career as a singer. She received a professional training, though only for a year. “Then I felt it too boring.” Since then producer and composer Mino Siciliano has taken care of her. With his support Miriam is going to publish her first CD early next year. Besides she was engaged during the IAA as a singer for the London Motor Show.
Despite these successes young Goethe has not become conceited. Next to music foreign languages are her second passion.