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Mino Siciliano
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Del Faro

His first success is the song "Dove vai".

German Television becomes interested in him and his music, and so he is invited to popular broadcasts like "Musikladen", "Clip-Clap" and "Spielbude". With his own shows, "La Piazza", "Arena della musica", "Momento Italiano". He charms his audience with an ambience of Italy - people are excited.
He supports Manfred Sexauer in various shows, among them "Disco Top Ten" which was meant to help the "SOS Kinderdorf" project.

For the International Radio Exhibition ( IFA) in Berlin he produces complete arrangements for companies like Toshiba.
At the Frankfurt IAA he works for Werner Zimmer of German Television (ARD), organising some musical perfomances for his broadcasts.

Singing with Miriam Goethe he fills his audience with enthusiasm at the Frankfurt IAA

or the "World Football Gala" at the Meirotels-Halle and at other events.