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Mino Siciliano
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In 1985 Mino Sicililiano founded his first music label 'SASCH Record’s' together with the fashion company SASCH. SACH Record’s has been distributed by the 'Deutsche Austrophon'.
For the first project of the new label they founded the children band 'BABALUGA' with Sonja the Italian/German daughter of Mino Siciliano, Hassan from Morocco, Thomas from Germany and Nico from Italy. The group members were on average 13 years old.
The songs 'My Paradise' and 'Beach Party' had been composed and produced by Mino Siciliano especially for the young singers.
In magazines and TV shows the children presented the latest fashion from SASCH.
But in the same year Nico had to leave the group because of family reasons.
Then several TV appointments, press appointments, photo shootings, and several events followed.
But in 1986 the very young group had been closed because of growing problems with the school. Mino Siciliano had to make this decision in order to protect the children from a wrong dream world.